AGeek? A geek who gallops? What are you talking about?
I’m Gord Campbell and I’m a technology geek. No, not the animal-head biting kind, the kind who can fix your computer. I can also explain what was wrong and, usually, not leave your head spinning afterwards. Usually. 😉

I’ve been using computers of one kind or another for most of my life. My parents bought a Commodore 64 in 1982 and the rest, as they say, is history.

noun \ˈgēk\
an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity: computer geekMerriam-Webster Dictionary Online

What’s with this unpronounceable domain name? Cru-a-what?
It’s pronounced crew-a-ken. It’s the war cry of Clan Campbell. It refers to a farm on the western shore of Loch Awe in the Clan’s traditional territory, an obvious place for a troop rallying point. What on earth does that have with computers? Not much of anything, really. It has more to do with my Scottish heritage than anything: I’m Gord Campbell and I am this one-man geek band. I should probably learn to play the pipes, though.

Some of my experience

  • Spent three years as a mainframe computer operator
  • Been on the internet continuously since 1994
  • Built every PC I’ve owned sine 1996
  • Worked with every version of Windows since Windows 3
  • Beta-tested Windows98, Windows 2000 & Windows Me (Sorry about that last one)
  • Worked with Mac OS X since 2004 or so.
  • Extensive Linux experience. For 13 years, I was the sole systems administrator in a hard science department at Queen’s University.
    • I looked after mail, web & file servers running almost every Linux distribution you can imagine and supported a building-wide network of 150+ users running Windows, OS X, Linux & Solaris UNIX.
    • Ran cable, installed network drops, switches and other networking hardware.
    • Administered a small cluster of thin-client machines running Windows 7 in a VMWare Horizon environment.
    • I was responsible for the security of every server and desktop on the network.
  • I’ve installed, configured or removed just about every major software package that you can think of. Seriously.

I’ve worked with everyone from students to seniors, from visiting scholars to professors, University department heads, and a Nobel Prize winner. I’ve seen and fixed a lot of things since the dawn of the information age. I will solve your problem and I’ll do it affordably.