Here we go!

Hey there, how are you? cheap jerseys China Pleasure to meet you. I’m Gord Campbell, The above-mentioned geek who gallops. 😉

Christmas seems like an odd time to launch cheap womens dallas cowboy jerseys a business doesn’t it? I guess that depends on your point of view. For me, it’s been something of a natural progression.

From 2003 until this past August, I was the Systems Administrator in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy at Queen’s University in Kingston. I looked after the department’s ever-growing collection of servers and computing machines and provided desktop support for 150+ users in Stirling Hall. There were Windows machines, Macs, Linux & Solaris boxes, and even a couple of AIX machines. If it could happen with a computer, I probably dealt with it there. It was a great job.

This past Spring, I was served notice that the department was going to go with a different support model and my services were no longer required. Central ITS was going to be taking over, but could I please help the transition along during my notice period?

At the end of August, I was done. I don’t harbour any ill feelings towards the department: they’re doing what they can to make the most of a continually shrinking budget. Do I think that eliminating my position entirely was a mistake? Absolutely. The Astronomy Group runs on Linux and I was the guy on campus for it. They know where to find me if they need me, they’ll just find out how much of a bargain I was on salary. 😉

Amongst a few other things, I’ve been doing some contracting around town and I’ve come to the realization that there’s a crying need for IT help for home & small business users and especially non-profits. Dollars are scarce all over and I’m constantly amazed with what a well-run non-profit can do with next to nothing. They often have IT needs completely out of scale with their size though.

The problem becomes one of scale & expertise. If wholesale mlb jerseys they contract with Joe Geek from Big IT Company, they’re going to be paying big bucks just because of who they hire. Big IT has a physical office to pay for, they have staff to pay, they might even have company vehicles. All of that wholesale nfl jerseys stuff means they have to charge $100 or more per hour just to pay the bills. I don’t have any of that stuff and have no desire to acquire any of it. Therefore, I can charge substantially less than they do and still make a good living.

Somebody had to do something and, with suitable IT positions around here tougher to find than I thought, it might as well be me. 😀

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