IT Support

Let’s face it: we were sold a bill of goods when it came to computers. They were supposed to make life easier for humans. Better. We were supposed to have all this free leisure time because computers were going to take care of everything for us. Is your life any easier because of a computer? Not ours! We’ve been hearing about the “paperless office” for decades, but we’re using more paper than ever before. We were supposed to have flying cars!

Communicating with people is sure far cheaper than it once was: I have a good friend in Ireland and we can chat via a video link on our phones and it costs nothing! How cool is that?

The truth is that while they allow us to do incredible things, they’re incredibly complex beasts that aren’t necessarily anywhere near as user friendly as the advertisements would have you believe.

So, what do you do? It almost sounds like a rigged system when you realize that big businesses and government have entire departments dedicated to keeping their computers up and running. You could call your nearest big box store’s “squad”, but who are you going to get and what’s their motivation? Are they there to fix your issue and be on their way or are they there to sell you something that you may not really need as well?

We don’t sell things; We sell service: if you do wind up needing some piece of equipment, a computer component or software, We’ll get it for you, but you’ll pay what we paid for it and not a penny more. We don’t have a storefront to pay for, nor do we have any office staff, so we can keep our rates affordable for everyone.

If you’re having trouble with something, get in touch. No matter how weird and frustrating a problem seems, We’ve probably dealt with it at least once already. You honestly wouldn’t believe some of the issues we’ve seen and the overwhelming majority are straightforward to fix.