Networks are vital in the 21st Century. Whether they use wires or not, more and more of our everyday devices are designed to connect to the internet. Some thermostats and smoke detectors, almost all security cameras, a few refrigerators and even some light bulbs have net connections. In the very short life of the internet, we’ve gone from government institutions & big business being the only ones online to having lightbulbs he colour of which you can adjust from anywhere in the world!

Refrigerators that monitor what you have inside them and offer recipes or shopping lists on a display could be useful and we can definitely see the utility of net-connected thermostats and smoke detectors, but light bulbs? To do any of this you need a rock-solid network. Heck, you need a good network just to have a few computers, phones, television & Blu-Ray player and a printer connected.

That network also has to have solid security. It’s not enough to just follow the setup instructions for a new router and run with it. Did you change the default username and password? Is remote access enabled or turned off? Good grief, you’re not using WEP security are you? Is the particular router that you have full of remotely exploitable security holes (Netgear anyone?)or is there an updated firmware available that will fix all of that? You just want to surf the web or watch some movies on Netflix. You don’t want to have to worry about hackers coming into your network and stealing your banking information.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to save yourself the frustration and confusion: call an expert. Let us help by setting up a secure wireless connection for your home or business. Get rid of the wires and cables cluttering up your home or office and enjoy working wherever you like. Between DNS settings, security keys, routers, modems and other network devices, there is a lot of time to be saved by receiving help from a professional.

We understand the ins and outs of DNS systems, servers and clients, and every piece that makes up a network.